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A Brown Paper Solution to Getting More Black and Latino American Children In Gifted and Talented Schools Kindle Edition

A Jamaican-born scholar and educational activist and an American-born Caucasian scholar are the authors of this book. It is suitable as a trade, scholarly, text, or reference book for students, parents, policymakers, educators, political leaders, scholars, or other educational stakeholders who wish to improve America’s educational system. Additionally, it is useful for future immigrants or for peace-loving people across the globe who wish to see America maintain its leading role as an arbiter of world peace.

Advocating For and Getting the Best Education for Your Children Paperback – February 1, 2002

Practical information that every parent with a child in the Public School system must have. Information that will guarantee progress and academic success for your child.. As a parent, Mr. Green fought successfully with the board to deliver quality education, and in the process he set an example on how to work with your local school board for the benefit of the children. Together with other helpful material, this book also provides letter-writing formats, including examples of formally written complaints, and contact information for the appropriate departments of the Board of Education so that the parents’ voices may be heard.


Improving New York and the World's Schools: Dr. Green's Prescriptions Paperback – December 12, 2014

Typical of many U.S. urban schools, NYC system had high attrition rates, with Blacks and Latinos (B & L) most affected. Graduates were unprepared for college but perfect for the ever-ready NY State prisons. Is this not a national and global threat? The B & L youth will form the majority in the US in 30 years. Yet, the group received the fewest STEM degrees. If this were to continue, the US military would be affected! Can America leave its future to be decided by others? Mayor Bloomberg's bid to use Vocational Education (VE) to address the problem is hampered, as VE was always used as a dumping ground for B & L and the disabled. A fresh look at the VE's potential was needed. This book is a product of extensive research by Jamaican-born NYC educator, Dr. Rupert Green and scholars in London, Guam, Kuwait and the Caribbean.